Annual Appeal 2019

“Don’t limit me” is Katie Cartier’s favorite quote from Megan Bomgaars, Down Syndrome advocate and star of A&E’s series Born This Way. Don’t limit me. What a great sentiment!

These were the words that Stephanie and Mark Cartier were hearing when they were looking for an opportunity to employ adults with intellectual disabilities in our community. What is possible? Anything is possible. “Don’t limit me”. And, so No Limits Cafe was born.

Fast forward, and the Cafe is about to open in Middletown, New Jersey. The road has been longer than expected, with a complete renovation to the building to make it accessible to – and comfortable for – the adults with special needs that will work there. This effort was more costly, in terms of time, effort and energy, than expected, but the end result will be perfect!

At any given time, No Limits Cafe will employ 25 adults with intellectual disabilities and will consistently train 50 more each year. Some of the adults trained at the Cafe will go on to work at other restaurants in our community. What a tremendous and far reaching impact!

YOU can join Katie and offer limitless possibilities to adults with intellectual disabilities by providing your financial support to No Limits Cafe.

We are so grateful to you – our community – for the unwavering support over the past year and we look forward to serving you at No Limits Cafe.


Stephanie and Mark Cartier, Founders


PS Did you know that 80% of adults with intellectual disabilities are unemployed? You can help decrease this number by supporting No Limits Cafe today.

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We appreciate your support and can’t wait to serve you at the Cafe!
  • $1,000 Founding Donor – Your name will be displayed in the Cafe in perpetuity, plus you will be invited to an annual Founding Donor Only meal at the Cafe. (This category is available only until opening day of the Cafe).
  • $500 Outdoor Furniture
  • $350 Planter
  • $250 Kitchen Equipment
  • $150 Tableware
  • $100 Training
  • $50 Uniform


Mail check to:

No Limits Cafe
418 Rt 35
Red Bank, NJ 07701