Nussara from Wondrous Walls


If you are ever in need of an extremely talented artist, we have the person for you! Meet Nussara from Wondrous Walls. Nussara came into NLC, listened to what we wanted, and then came back to us with drawings that BLEW us away––this woman is talented!!! She is responsible for designing and writing all of the words you see around the cafe that embody our spirit. Oh, and she did them FREEHAND!!! The way in which she handled the placement of words truly tells the story of NLC. It’s been 3 months since she finished and we still are in awe every time we walk into the cafe––she far exceeded anything we could’ve imagined.On a side note, Nussara is the kindest person and she has an awesome dog, Mustang, who is bigger than her!!!! We loved when he came to the cafe! Thank you Nussara for making NLC such a warm, welcoming environment!! We are very grateful to you! #eatwelldogood @wondrouswalls @ No Limits Cafe