Susan Milhoulides, proprietor of Curtains by Susan


As a non-profit, you have to be extra vigilante on how you spend the money that was so generously donated. We needed some sort of seating area for our guests who were waiting for a table or take out. After a long search, we found a beautiful bench that went with our decor on a Buy/Sell/Swap Facebook Board at a price that we could afford. While the bench was beautiful, the cushion didn’t go with the look of the restaurant….but, being conscious of donations, we were going to live with it. Well, we didn’t have to! Susan Milhoulides, proprietor of Curtains by Susan, offered to recover our seat cushion as a gift to No Limits Cafe—she even let us pick the material! BUT, she had a big surprise for us! She custom made the two pillows you see in the picture. We were flabbergasted! To us, they pull everything in the restaurant together. We are so grateful to Susan for her talents as a seamstress, her wonderful creativity and her beautiful generosity. (She also makes AWESOME curtains!) Thank you Susan!!! @ No Limits Cafe