A Lunch Cafe employing people with Intellectual Disabilities.  

We are OPEN for Take-Out,  Outdoor Dining, Indoor Dining and FREE local Delivery.    Order Online or Call Us (732)268-7471.    Reservations recommended but not required.   Call Us for Delivery!

Monday:  11:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday:  11:00am – 3:00pm
Friday:  11:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday:  11:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday:  11:00am – 3:00pm


An update to you from No Limits Cafe… Outdoor Dining

 We will be doing local FREE delivery!   To get local FREE delivery – call in your order!

We have taken all of the necessary precautions to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience!

  • All of our tables will have either umbrellas or tents to provide shade.  We also have patio heaters for the cooler days.
  • Indoor dining at 25% capacity. 
  • Reservation requested but not required.  The number to call for reservations is:  732-268-7471.  
  • The largest party we can accommodate at any given time is 8 people, as per Executive Order No. 150 (2020)
  • For the safety of our employees, we ask that you wear a face mask when entering the building to use the rest rooms.
  • All of our servers will be wearing face masks and gloves at all times.  
  • All of our menus, plates, silverware and cups will be one time use items and disposed of after use.
  • Our bathrooms will be cleaned frequently.
  • All of our door handles will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes frequently.
  • All of our tables are spaced at least 6 ft. apart.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer at each table.
NO LIMITS CAFE – 418 ROUTE 35 – RED BANK, NJ – 07701

FOUNDING DONOR OPPORTUNITY still available!!!   For a minimum donation of $1,000, your name will be displayed in the Cafe in perpetuity, you will be invited to an annual Founding Donor only dinner, and will receive Founding Donor communications throughout the year.

We need YOU!  Come join the dance party!  Volunteer at No Limits Cafe.  You will leave feeling good!  #dogoodfeelgood.

 Current Fundraisers

Year in Review Newsletter

2020 Annual Appeal

Thank you for your support of No Limits Cafe. We could not have made it through this year without your assistance, encouragement, and patronage and we are so very grateful, as are our employees!

When you read the  “Year in Review,” we hope you feel the pride of our year 1 accomplishments and continue to support us in creating opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities.

No Limits Cafe is dedicated to providing adults with intellectual disabilities opportunities;  opportunities to realize a sense of purpose and self-worth, opportunities to define who they are, opportunities to feel proud, and opportunities to connect socially and the opportunity to find meaningful employment. No one realizes this more than the adults with intellectual disabilities that we employ, and their parents.

As parents, we are so blessed that Tyler has this opportunity. Not only does he have a job, but he is independent at his job. This means the world to us to have him not just employed but feeling good about himself and happy! What more can we want? We feel he has the opportunity for a future now.”  – Carrie & Ulf Marxen

Only 20% of adults with intellectual disabilities have jobs, but every day we see their untapped potential. Your support of No Limits Cafe is changing this statistic, and opening doors – one person at a time!

With Gratitude,

Stephanie and Mark Cartier, Founders 

PS – “All individuals, regardless of disability, deserve the opportunity to be full members of their community where they can live, learn, work, and play through all stages of life.”
National Association of County Behavioral Health & Developmental Disability Directors, 2018

Some Facts

Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities want to work as much as the general population. All too often, when they ask “Will you hire me?” The answer is “no.” It creates the perception that somehow people wth disabilities can’t compete, cannot hold down a job, are not worthy of the same protections all other organizations are,” says Clyde Terry, who chairs the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency that makes recommendations to the federal government on policy issues affecting people with disabilities. “Which is really contrary to what the Americans With Disabilities Act is all about: That we all should be able to be treated equally”

 We plan on hiring 20-25 people with Intellectual Disabilities.

After our initial goal of hiring 20-25 people with Intellectual Disabilities, we will provide focused training programs, as a way of increasing the chances of long-term employment in area restaurants.

Many of those that are employed, are paid below minimum wage because they work in state or federally sheltered workshops. Under a 1986 exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act, current law allows employers to pay less to workers with disabilities if they can’t perform a job as well as a person who is not disabled.
 Our employees will be paid minimum wage, with potential for growth.

Phase I

  • Open lunch cafe in early 2020
  • Employ 30-35 adults with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Pay everyone minimum wage
  • Serve great food!


  • Evening workshops will be held to train additional adults with Intellectual Disabilities to work in the restaurant industry
  • We will work with other restaurants to hire our workshop trainees.  Currently, we have 3 restaurants who would be interested in doing so and we aren’t even open yet!

How Can You Help?


  • Spread the word:  Please share our message with family and friends.   Please connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Please follow us as we grow.
  • Donate:  We rely 100% on donations from people like you! Your donation goes directly to pay our training and operating costs. By making a donation to No Limits Cafe, you are helping to employ adults with Intellectual Disabilities and to change the world!
  • The act of honoring another person is a powerful celebration of their significance to us. This could be the memory of a precious loved one. Or the monumental contributions of an inspiring figure. These people touch our lives and make the world a better place. They should be acknowledged. What better way than with a donation in their name?
  • Fundraise:  Please contact us if you would be interested in having a fundraiser for No Limits Cafe.


Approximately how many Intellectually Disabled Employees will be hired
Percentage of employees that will be paid at least minimum wage
Number of local restaurants that want to hire our trained employees


EMPOWER adults with intellectual disabilities by providing jobs and job training to help them lead fulfilling lives within our community and to increase awareness of their potential.

“Eat well, do good.”