A Lunch Cafe employing people with Intellectual Disabilities.

 Current Fundraisers

A message from Founders, Stephanie & Mark Cartier:

The community has been reaching out for more ways to support No Limits Cafe.  As we get closer to Opening Day we have identified more sponsorship opportunities.   We hope you will consider sponsoring us to help us get to the finish line.


Some Facts

Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities want to work as much as the general population. All too often, when they ask “Will you hire me?” The answer is “no.” It creates the perception that somehow people wth disabilities can’t compete, cannot hold down a job, are not worthy of the same protections all other organizations are,” says Clyde Terry, who chairs the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency that makes recommendations to the federal government on policy issues affecting people with disabilities. “Which is really contrary to what the Americans With Disabilities Act is all about: That we all should be able to be treated equally”

 We plan on hiring 20-25 people with Intellectual Disabilities.

After our initial goal of hiring 20-25 people with Intellectual Disabilities, we will provide focused training programs, as a way of increasing the chances of long-term employment in area restaurants.

Many of those that are employed, are paid below minimum wage because they work in state or federally sheltered workshops. Under a 1986 exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act, current law allows employers to pay less to workers with disabilities if they can’t perform a job as well as a person who is not disabled.
 Our employees will be paid minimum wage, with potential for growth.


No Limits Cafe is now accepting applications for employment.   We are so excited to be starting this process which puts us one step closer to our goal of employing people with Intellectual Disabilities and serving our community.   Check out the Employment FAQ’s – we will be updating it as needed.

Please connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Phase I

  • Open lunch cafe in late 2019
  • Employ 20-25 adults with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Pay everyone minimum wage
  • Serve great food!


  • Evening workshops will be held to train additional adults with Intellectual Disabilities to work in the restaurant industry
  • We will work with other restaurants to hire our workshop trainees.  Currently, we have 3 restaurants who would be interested in doing so and we aren’t even open yet!

How Can You Help?

  • Spread the word:  Please share our message with family and friends.   Please connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Please follow us as we grow.
  • Donate:  The transformation of the building is just beginning.  Once complete, our facility will be ADA compliant.  The kitchen and training areas will be handicapped accessible.  We are working with amazing contractors and vendors, but it’s not free.  We need your support!
  • Fundraise:  Please contact us if you would be interested in having a fundraiser for No Limits Cafe.


Approximately how many Intellectually Disabled Employees will be hired
Percentage of employees that will be paid at least minimum wage
Number of local restaurants that want to hire our trained employees


EMPOWER adults with intellectual disabilities by providing jobs and job training to help them lead fulfilling lives within our community and to increase awareness of their potential.

“Eat well, do good.”