George Vieira and his crew from MV Construction


There is so much “behind the pretty walls” work that gets done when you are doing a major renovation. It is the backbone of the structure…it also can add a beautiful design element! Today we thank George Vieira and his crew from MV Construction….the most fabulous masons!! In the pictures, you can get an idea of what hard work the masons do. George and crew rebuilt our back wall, made us a beautiful new handicap ramp (with the perfect pitch), poured tons of cement into floor channels that needed to be opened in our restaurant, and so many other things that nobody sees. BUT…one of our favorite things is our new brick wall. It came out gorgeous!!! These masons are “old school” and everything is done to perfection…plus they were really great guys to work with! So thank you so much MV Construction for all of the work that we know is invisible…and for our very visible brick wall!