Michael Savarese

Michael Savarese Associates, Architects

We would like to take the opportunity to send a big thank you to Mike Savarese of Michael Savarese Associates, Architects in Little Silver.  http://michaelsavaresearchitect.com.   Mike and his associate David Grimm graciously jumped into our project and propelled it forward. They fielded numerous phone calls and made many site visits…even on weekends! They worked with the building department and various inspectors to help us understand what was needed.

The “multiplier effect” has had a profound impact on No Limits Cafe. Through Mike, we were able to find someone amazing to do our floors—who did it pro bono and asked that we give all of his credit to Mike!

We are grateful for all of the skills, knowledge, and kindness you have put into No Limits Cafe. We would be lost without you!    Thank you so much!

Michael Savarese Associates, Architects

34 Sycamore Ave, Bldg 1 Unit 1E
Little Silver, NJ 07739
(732) 530-1424
[email protected]