Penisula Builders

Peninsula Builders – Contracting Company

We hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving and is ready for turkey sandwiches, turkey salads, turkey soups, etc. etc. etc. etc. As we said, every day we will be posting about something or someone we are grateful for. And today, that’s our contracting company Peninsula Builders––owned by Rick Karinja and supported by Bruce Eigenrauch, Mike Ullery, and Eddie Wells.

Trust us when we say there were a lot of challenges and ideas we wanted to execute. Well, they are the ultimate group of “YES MEN.” Everything we wanted, they got it done. And more. Not only did they bring their own ideas to the table, but they lead the entire development of No Limits Cafe.

We couldn’t imagine anyone better overseeing the construction of No Limits. Thank you so much, Rick & team. We love you!