Will Cusick, Cottage By the Sea Woodwork


Today, we are grateful for Will Cusick, owner of Cottage By the Sea Woodwork. Will is an AMAZING woodworker. His craftsmanship is undeniable. He is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Will custom built our 12 ft. Community Table as well as our custom counter tops and our outdoor planters…and they are GORGEOUS!!! He also Kindly refinished our old wood tables. We had wanted to get rid of them but Will saw the beauty in them and brought them back to life. We are so happy we listened to him! Will is also responsible for getting us our tables made from Indonesian Wooden Boats. They are spectacular! Thank you Will for seeing our vision and bringing it to fruition and for becoming such an important part of the No Limits Cafe family. We are so grateful to know you! @cottage_by_the_sea_woodwork @ No Limits Cafe