Inspections and Generosity…


There was a problem. After the inspections, we discovered that there were so many things wrong with building that would cost us a lot of money. We didn’t think we could go through with the sale. So one day, we decided to call in all of the “specialists” to give us estimates. We needed a new roof, new HVAC system, all new electrical wiring, an architectural plan, some drainage work. It was overwhelming! On the way to this meeting, I prayed. I am not a good prayer, but I prayed to God, that the estimates would come in at prices that we could afford so we can continue forward. I dreaded going back to the drawing board looking for locations…as it was so difficult!

So, I get to the restaurant, all of the parties that be are there which was really good so they could confer with one another. The electrician looks at the panel boxes, reads the grim inspectors report and asks to see me outside. My real estate agent, Nancy, and I look at each other with that “Oh crap, this is going to be bad” look. (You see, the inspector told me that the electrical work that would need to be done would be what would break the bank.). So, I go outside and this electrician, whom I barely know, says to me..”all of your work here will be done for free.” I couldn’t (and didn’t) believe my ears! Here I am standing on the edge of Rt. 35 crying and hugging this wonderful man! God really heard my prayers! (I am crying as I write this!). Who is this wonderful man? Kenny Burke, from Broadway Energy . When I asked Kenny, “why?” He told me that my call asking him to come to the restaurant came at the right time. He was looking for something good to do in the world and then my call came. Mark calls these moments “Godwinks.” We are so humbled and grateful. This was not something we ever expected, or even thought about for that matter! And I know Kenny doesn’t want the publicity, but I feel that it is important for everyone to know about the generosity of others. If you find yourself in need of an awesome electrician, please call Broadway Energy at 908-489-3415.  With all that is going on in the world, we need to know about the truly good people that are out there. Because of Kenny Burke, and all of the other estimates that came in at very good prices we were able to move forward!!!! Thank you Kenny, Tom from TK Heating & Air Conditioning, Vic from Vics Landscaping, David from Garden State Roofing & Siding, L&M Contracting. Because of your generosity, you are helping to employ people with Intellectual Disabilities . You are all rock stars in my book!

We are so excited! As I write this, I think of all of the people in each blogpost who have helped us. I guess if you surround yourself with wonderful people, good things happen. This restaurant is a community restaurant. It serves a social purpose. It is a good thing. And while we haven’t even opened yet so much good has come from this project!