How the name was chosen..

After we left Hugs Cafe on our last day there, we were so excited. We wanted to get started somehow, and the easiest way to start on our journey was to pick a name for our future restaurant. We played with a few ideas, and then a brainstorm hit! We would name our restaurant No Limits Cafe. How did we decide on that? Well, Katie had just finished her 4th year of HS and she was in the senior section of her HS Yearbook. All seniors get to pick a quote to go under their pictures. Katie’s quote was “Don’t Limit Me.” Katie’s quote was from her favorite person on her favorite TV show, Born This Way, a reality show on A&E that follows 7 young adults with down syndrome. One of the young adults is Megan Bomgaars. Megan had done a speech at her own HS graduation called “Don’t Limit Me.” It inspired our Katie and became her mantra. So a perfect name was born….No Limits Cafe. We were so sure of the name, that sitting on a curb in Dallas, Texas, we purchased the domain name, got the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles. We were on our way!